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🎮Gamification – an interesting way to increase the engagement of your customers! 🎮

First of all, let’s introduce the concept of gamification – what is it? Well, it is using the principles, rules and mechanics of the game world to increase customer engagement. People actually play for several reasons: pleasure, willingness to compete, cooperation, shared fun with loved ones, building up their own ego after winning the game.

So why not use it to build your own brand? That is why the phenomenon of gamification in business has arisen. This technique uses the reasons for the great popularity of playing in order to increase the number of customers and keep them.
What are the main features of games? Here are the main ones:

🔹 various types of rankings
🔹 earning points, achievements, badges, medals
🔹 possibility of development
🔹 imaging of progress (e.g. bars)
🔹 Division into difficulty levels
🔹 chat rooms, forums, possibility to communicate with other users of the platform
🔹 possibility to win and win a prize
🔹 group games that meet the need for cooperation and develop social ties

Each of the games contains the above mentioned possibilities, but such solutions are becoming more and more popular not only in the virtual world. More and more often they are used in marketing, sales of products, sports, training of new employees. According to Mordor Intelligence, the gamification market is worth about 5.5 billion dollars. Additionally, it is estimated that by 2023 the CAGR will increase by 30.31%. 👨‍💼 These numbers perfectly illustrate that it is worthwhile to take an interest in this issue in your business.

The main goal of any company or enterprise is a group of trusted, regular customers who are worth the most. In a world filled with competition, you have to find a way to stand out to keep people. 📣 That’s why gamification is an interesting, fresh way, which not only attracts new people, but above all constantly connects them with the product. Through the elements of the game in the product, they become involved, motivated by the desire to achieve new achievements, development or simply have a nice time using the supplied product. 😃 It is thanks to such an attachment to, for example, a released application that they become close to the whole company. The high frequency of use of game-based elements makes such users very often in the “world of the product delivered” by the company. They remember the name and logo of the business. Additionally, they are often interested in other activities of the company, they get attached to it and are much more willing to use new features. Elements of group games tighten the bonds of users, which creates a strong network of close customers, a kind of family is created – the center of which is a product containing the mechanics of games.

An example is a certain company X – a small, local pizza place. Its new owner decided to bring crowds of customers, so he created a simple competition. Each customer was awarded a brand of gourmet when they are buying a pizza. This is how the ranking of the best badge winners was created. After a month, for the first place, the businessman presented the prize. 🏆 This way the sales of a small pizza place were much higher. People chose it from among others, because everyone was interested in the award. In addition, the visible ranking motivated them to use the services of the pizza place. It is known that everyone wanted to be the best. The vision of winning something additionally drives sales. The fame of the competition also increased the popularity of the place as well.

It was a one-time action. A more interesting method of attracting regular customers is the application, in which the games are still in progress. 📱 Such a product is ARIBO – a base of interesting, endless competitions in which the game is still in progress.

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