Gamification octagon – Aribo: first level

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🎮 Gamification Octagon – Aribo: First Level 🎮

Each of us at some point in our lives plays games, with age, their types differ. Board games turn into computer games or more complicated logical games. 🧠 You might ask yourself: Why do people do this? What do games bring? First of all, they provide fun, relieve stress from everyday matters, give moments of rest, take advantage of the desire to compete, join a team, act in a team. Through a number of psychological aspects that determine the choice of this form of entertainment, gamification – using the features of games to stimulate engagement 💓

In this post we will analyze how the process of playing games can become a form of fun for the audience. What makes games so engaging and motivating? 🤔 Yu-kai Chou, an American entrepreneur, described 8 main reasons why games drive human behavior. He presented them in the form of an octagon:



Let’s take a look at the first level today – ” Ownership.”  

Ownership is one of the factors that attracts to the game. So if we satisfy this need by playing games, we can gain the commitment and attachment of the player. ✨ The player wants to be an owner, wants to feel that he has something – they can be virtual points, badges, prizes. 🏆🥇 The feeling of ownership prompts the player to continue to gain, expand and improve his assets or what he has already accumulated. This accumulation process is still expanding. The player is putting more and more effort into getting the next achievement. Of course, this is related to the fact that he is more and more involved in the game. The games are based on the accumulation factor. 🎮 The user knowing that by a greater contribution of work is able to gain more specific good, will work more. It can be said that possession is a kind of drive, a fuel that motivates players to act. They want to feel that they have something – even if it’s virtual points or badges. What’s more, players spend a lot of time improving their avatar, settlement, weapon or car – making them feel like a kind of owner of this item, a parent. With time, he feels proud of his level of accumulated achievements in the game. Collecting various types of coins and prizes additionally makes each player happy. 😁

It is worth looking at this problem from the perspective of gamification. If we know that the desire to possess is a driving force for players and at the same time gives joy… then it is worth taking advantage of it! People like to get items, possess – by giving them this we can gain engaged customers.  Of course, it’s easy to write – but how to do it in practice? How to stimulate employee, consumer or close friend involvement? Just introduce him to Aribo, our platform, which not only provides fun in interesting campaigns, but also satisfies the need for possessing the octagonal features of games that make the game fun. 😉 In Aribo, you can accumulate points and then exchange them for real prizes in the built-in store. In addition, you will soon be able to earn special badges and trophies in the app. 🌟 It is thanks to these badges that we gain one of the features that will make the game fun for you.