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We continue our series on the features of the octagon that make games fun and engaging. Today we will look at the second property – “Achievements” 🏆. What do they make up? These are, among others:

🔹 points
🔹 awards, trophies
🔹 fixed prize for activities
🔹 scoreboard
🔹 progress bar
🔹 list of tasks
🔹 coronations, awards ceremony
🔹 detailed tutorial

It is the application of the above mentioned methods that drives gamification. Achievements is a desire for self-improvement, which pushes people to engage in the game. 🚀 Players want to continue to develop, improve their skills, overcome new challenges… become better and better.  They are determined to give their 100% to achieve points, trophy. 🏅

The entrusted challenge becomes an emotional test of one’s own strength. What is interesting, the collected awards are strongly connected with the completed project… Why? After all, receiving a badge without any previous effort will never be as enjoyable as something that put its energy and time into it.  Achievements not connected with challenges are practically worthless. This factor is therefore the driving force behind progress, skill development and overcoming challenges. It is the inner voice that makes the player want to be better and better. Once he succeeds, he feels great satisfaction. 😁 Games or the process of playing with the possibility of getting something, becomes an interesting, engaging adventure. The player can see his progress, what he has managed to do so far, but often also how much he lacks to a certain level, the reward. 🎰

In practically every case of a game we will find an element from this corner of the Octagon of Gamification. If during the game we do not accumulate points, we receive trophies, we see a progress bar that shows how many activities we have left for the next stage, a list of tasks or a scoreboard on which we can compare ourselves with other competitors.  These elements really motivate to act, the player knows exactly what he should do, how much he is missing for the next stage – because he has this information “black on white”. Additionally, once the task has been completed correctly and the player has received points, etc., the player is happy and has been rewarded for his work. 😉 From a psychological point of view, we can look at it from this perspective: if a player knows from an autopsy that he or she will receive something good for his or her work, he or she will be more inclined to make further attempts in the future. He knows that apart from the prize, it will bring him luck and pride. Of course, the tasks should not be extremely difficult in order to avoid discouraging a wide range of potential players. On the other hand, however, the execution of a more complex mission is more pleasing because more force has been put into it. That’s why it’s worth finding a balance: not to discourage all potential players, but also to make the task an immersive experience, after which the player can be proud. 👌 “Achievements” are a very popular solution in games (and thus in gamification), aimed at increasing the involvement of players/clients. Various companies use them e.g. in loyalty systems – a person for execution of action A will receive a valuable good X, which makes the task even more attractive. 

The use of this part of the Gamification Octagon ensures, of course, Aribo. 👾 How? In our games you can specify the amount of points allocated for a given activity or the whole game. For example, for a more difficult quiz, a participant may be rewarded with an additional amount of points, which will emphasize the importance of this element of fun, so that in addition to complacency the player will be happy – his efforts will be appreciated. Another option is to exchange the accumulated points in our application for real prizes (e.g. coupons, discounts, promotional gadgets). 📱 In the future, we plan to further strengthen this part of the octagon by introducing badges and trophies to engage people even better and provide them with positive emotions. 😁

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