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🎯 Games not only as entertainment… but a way of marketing? 🎯

Games are usually associated with youthful years. Then children play in various board games. 🎲 In the years of technological development also mobile and computer games became very popular. In addition, they play not only the youngest but also the older ones. Why? The main reason is stress relief, enjoying the game, contact with other players, the desire to compete and the desire to get badges, next levels. As far as multi-player games are concerned, they are a frequent group choice because they satisfy the need to belong to a group, feel important to their environment and that their actions have a direct impact on the development of the games.  

Games evoke very positive emotions when we think about them. They are associated with good qualities. Let’s focus on mobile games. Their popularity is confirmed by the numbers:

🔸 The number of active mobile players is still growing dynamically – it increased to 2,221.9 billion in May 2019.

🔸 56% of them use mobile games more than 10 times a week

🔸 Games represent 21% of downloaded Android apps and 25% of downloaded iOS apps.

🔸 62% of people install the game on their phone within a week of purchasing it

Positive emotions generated by the games and their huge popularity… is a combination that is worth using. That’s why the gaming market is growing rapidly. And where in all this is the place for marketing? 📢 Well, it seems that together these areas are very distant. However, in reality it is a golden mean between companies and players. Users have fun interacting with brands. Some people get pleasure, interesting entertainment and others get involvement of customers. Thanks to the elements of gamification, the user will experience numerous and strong emotions (willingness to compete, victory, happiness, pride, joy). This series of feelings will be associated with the game, and thus the brand. This form of advertising is a novelty on the market. In addition, once tested, the entertainment will continue to tempt you, and yet a dedicated audience is a priceless value. Thanks to the use of gamification elements, the company becomes simply close to the recipient. After all, they spend with it their time spent on fun and pleasure. Emotional involvement allows to build a network of committed enthusiasts of a given product. It is the driving force behind the company’s development.


Gamification in marketing means using the mechanisms of games in marketing activities – for example, the implementation of a competition with a ranking and prizes. 🎮 It is an element taken from the world of games. It builds the will to compete and test your strength. Marketing content is smuggled along with game elements.  Creating simple games associated directly with a given brand increases its awareness in the world. The player does not have to use the services of a given company, but its existence will be remembered. If necessary, the name and scope of activities will be reminded, and the positive emotions acquired during the game will greatly warm up the image. Example? Ford Motors increased its sales by over 8 million dollars and increased the popularity of Facebook by 600% through gamification activities. It’s easy to imagine an exemplary scenario of gaining new customers: in a certain racing game the player has a choice of a number of vehicles with which to set new speed records. If the choice of the Ford is the best – the car drives well, has the best parameters and allows you to defeat your opponents – automatically the whole Ford Motors company will be well associated with the player. 

You can see how gamification and marketing merge. Users rewarded with points, trophies or discounts in any application or loyalty program will most willingly return to this company, not to the competition. 🏆

Games tempt everyone. They are simply great fun. The use of their elements can attract a significant number of new customers. Above all this procedure builds brand awareness. Another advantage is the freshness of this solution. Creative marketing strategies are approved. They are effective because it is something new. Especially in Poland the gamification market is developing and many companies have not yet heard about it or implemented it. Therefore, it is also a way to distinguish it from the competition. ✨ It is enough to invent an interesting campaign.

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