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👨‍💼 Gamification in HR 👨‍💼

The topic of gamification and its application in marketing has already been described on our blog ( However, its usage is much wider. In this post we will discuss the relationship between gamification and HR. 

At the beginning, what exactly is the discipline called Human Resources (development of the HR short)? 👥 This term includes a number of activities that every company must perform in order to gain and retain irreplaceable people, while taking care of high efficiency and effectiveness of their work.  HR employees, or often called HR department employees, are engaged in recruitment of new employees, training, familiarization with the company, administrative activities and motivating to achieve professional success. 👩‍🏫

It is in motivating employees that gamification can play a valuable role. The form of points, ranking and awards is a great magnet for employees. 🏆 Regardless of age, gender, industry or position – the forms of competition tempt everyone. They can test their strength, are motivated to act, because they often have a vision of a high place, praise or a gift. Usually for a young, new employee, who is only taking her first steps in a given industry, such a ranking may motivate her. He can see that his actions are effective, that he is doing well, that he is building himself up. Additional nice words from the boss’s mouth will confirm that he is in the right place and his work is profitable. This translates into satisfaction with yourself and your job, and it is obvious that a satisfied employee is a satisfied customer. 🤝

After we have learned the relationship between gamification and HR, it is time to reflect on examples of applications. It is easy to imagine the effectiveness of introducing schemes and mechanisms known from games in a certain sales and service company. Let’s call it X to make it easier. The HR team wanted to invent something new to motivate the employees. It is a certain chain reaction:

motivated employees ➡️ better sales, results ➡️ better X company situation ➡️ happy boss ( willing to give bonuses, premiums) ➡️ happy employees

So the group from the HR department of company X organized the competition. It was based on the fact that each product sold was a point for the employee. The points are scrupulously summed up and calculated, and the ranking is generally available to everyone. By doing so, everyone can see their result and their co-workers. They tries even harder to be the best. Them promotion in the ranking builds up and motivates. Also the decrease gives an impulse to more dynamic actions – every employee tries to. The result for the company? X has high sales results! The most active employee has gained recognition from others and a cash prize.💰 The customers accumulated during this game become the company’s consumers for a long time. This one-time campaign has brought many advantages and will certainly be used again in the future. 

The area of gamification with HR is not only focused on motivating employees. It can be used in onboarding. It is a training and familiarization with the company culture of new employees. Some may ask themselves the question – where is the place for game elements? Exactly – the training does not have to be boring, repetitive and monotonous presentations. In the 21st century, various applications come with help – such as ARIBO, in which you can create an interesting campaign or gameplay. 📱

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