Aribo and the third level of gamification

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 🦸‍♂️ Aribo and the third level of gamification  🦸‍♂️


The third corner in the Octagon of Gamification (the so-called Octalysis) is “Exceptional meaning and talent”💪  This applies, of course, to the player. So let’s take a look at what this feature means and why, from a psychological point of view, the game becomes fascinating.

At the beginning let’s analyze this factor – it makes the player build up his ego. He believes that as someone special he has been chosen for something extraordinary.  🦸‍♂️  It can manifest itself in various forms – it can get a special invitation to join the game or for example get a badge, an item, while other players have to spend more time and energy to get it. The player is convinced of his exceptional talent. Example? Simple ranking or combination – where you can see the average time of the game as 14.5 minutes. When someone goes through such a game in a much smaller time (e.g. 10 minutes), he or she gains the conviction that he or she has exceptional skills, talent, compared to others. Obviously, this directly translates into satisfaction with the game.  😁

Having an important role in the game society also makes you feel that something special is important. A person who co-creates something, strengthens ties with others, devotes his or her private time to it, certainly does it with a greater or lesser sense that someone counts on his or her actions, that counts in the group, that his or her efforts and actions are (un)simply important, necessary. As you can see, having a role can make the game more exciting. 🙌

Another aspect is the sense of being chosen, highlighted to play. It is realized by some specially limited access to the game (in a given area, for a given social group). This causes a sense of distinction, but also raises the importance of the game itself – after all, it is not for everyone. In a sense, you have to earn it in order to be able to stand among its players. 

“Exceptional meaning and talent” psychologically stimulates every player, he or she often feels better than others. It is of course a positive emotion for the tested subject. This feature attracts to greater activity – which is quite an important marketing advantage. 🎯 If the player feels very well in something, unrivalled – he or she will want to keep this position at all costs, so that his or her involvement will be at a high level. Another consequence is getting involved in the game world, so the player becomes a committed customer – he is not interested in the game itself, but often also in the products of the company, the community around it, various novelties.  Such a solution is also provided by ARIBO – a tool for building commitment of employees and clients, where you can create a unique campaign or game for a given group. 👾

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