Aribo and the fourth level of gamification

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🌟Aribo and the fourth level of play 🌟

The fourth angle in the gamification octagon is Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback. 🌟 This is a process that primarily through the elements of games stimulates the creativity of the player, who in the game constantly develops it to solve new tasks. It tries different combinations to achieve the goal, turning the game into a creative process. 👌🎨

The question is whether creativity takes place in games that some people associate with killing free time? Of course! What’s more, the need to release creativity not only gives fun from the game, but also engages, stimulates and attaches emotionally – exactly what people using gamification in marketing care about. Moreover, people not only want to let go of their fantasy by releasing their creativity, but also to see the effects of their innovation, get feedback, evaluation to be able to relate to it. 🚀 There are plenty of examples of life known to everyone – all coloring books, drawings are often chosen by girls, boys often reach for blocks to create crazy buildings. In later years, many people experiment, releasing their creativity while decorating an apartment or various DIY projects in the garage. The need for creative action sits more or less inside every human being, not only in the artists.  💁 Being creative often becomes an infinite form of entertainment – and thus a great place to gamification.

Creative Support and Feedback takes place when users engage in the entire creative process, releasing fantasy and imagination. Their task is to find and often come up with an effective solution. 🤔 What is the purpose of feedback? People need a kind of assessment that summarizes their actions, the results of their creative work. They can confront it with a certain group of people, draw conclusions or build up a positive feedback. That’s why simple solutions are often the best – building great beach castles or advanced buildings with blocks doesn’t need any upgrades. 😉 This is fun in itself and the game doesn’t need any additional elements to keep playing, involving and being interesting, fresh. It’s through the creativity it triggers that it becomes something surprising and full of happiness. Another advantage of these games is the infinite number of combinations that the user can realize – it is limited only by his own imagination. So let’s think about what is so attractive in this type of entertainment? After all, they are very simple, geometric blocks… totally simple – but for many centuries they have given a lot of fun to millions of people around the world. The detail lies in their freeing up layers of creativity, which often give captivating and importantly, immediate effects – which are easy for others to judge. The image in the head becomes reality with the help of human hands. 🙌 The creative process itself brings happiness, no matter what stage of life we are in. 

Among the angles of the structure of Octalysis, this one is one of the most difficult to implement. It takes a lot of effort but to build a gameplay in which the player can develop creatively. It is necessary to come up with a game that will not get bored of players, that will constantly engage them – just like simple blocks. 🔥 According to research 

(, most games are played between two and eight months and then exchanged for another. After that time, the games become ordinary and even boring – so the player starts looking for another entertainment to engage in. In order to strengthen the chances of survival of the game time trial – it is worthwhile to involve the player emotionally in the most effective way, for example by stimulating creativity.  ⭐

Support for Creativity and Feedback is a very valuable element of the Oktagon of Gamification, which is certainly worthy of interest. Apart from many games available on the market, which stimulate creativity, there are also tools like Aribo, with which you can let your imagination run free and create interesting campaigns, entertainment using gameplay. 👾 It is worth using the human, inborn desire to create and be inspired by the imagination. 

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