Aribo and the fifth level of gamification

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💓 Aribo and the fifth level of gamification💓

The fifth corner in the Oktagon of Gamification is “Social Influence & Relatedness”. We will therefore look at this entry as one of the best researched and developed features. 👫 It includes all elements that have to do with social life and other people. These include, among others:

🔸 mentoring

🔸 nostalgia

🔸 acceptance

🔸 social relations

🔸 group searches

🔸 company and proximity to others

🔸 competition with other people

🔸 jealousy 

The last point seems to be the most interesting, because it is striking against the background of different, because positive, features. Jealousy is clearly associated with something bad that often destroys relationships. However, the feeling of jealousy can (and should) also be edifying, push for action to catch up with someone or even set an example to achieve better results. 😉 Jealousy can be decisive on the way to the goal.  This is because a person, when they see how close they are to them, is extremely good at something, and they want to match them internally. Jealousy is therefore the foundation of competition. Interestingly, this factor attracts people to places or people with whom you have a relationship, a connection.

Social Influence & Relatedness include a social aspect through which engagement can be built. 💓 An interesting element is nostalgia, i.e. memories, longing for something from the past. For example, if a potential customer sees a product in the store that brings back childhood reminders, miraculous experiences, and fills them with pleasant memories – this will probably increase the chance of buying it compared to other products. This creates a certain emotional bond that restores positive memories, which automatically gives the shopper a better rating for the product. This is why some types of gamification known from childhood still fascinate adults. ✨ It is similar with products (for example, given sweets, which in childhood were a real rarity, after years still make adults smile). Producers who offer a product that provides emotional connotations can easily use this part of the Oktagon of Gamification in their marketing activities.  

This core is related to activities inspired by what other people do, think. In times of rapid technological development and social media tools, more and more companies decide to optimize activities stimulating their communities to build a lasting relationship with them and between them. One of the popular solutions to this goal is the form of inviting relatives – a particularly visible scale of this phenomenon can be seen in product applications. By clicking “Invite your friends”, the consumer often gains various types of bonuses, discounts and the entrepreneur new customers. 👥 It is worth noting that such a form of product recommendation is much more credible for a person than typical consumer advertisements – and therefore more effective for the company. 

Most people are convinced, and rightly so, that spending time with loved ones is by nature a pleasant and fun activity. 😁 That is why this corner of Oktalis seems to be the most natural and easy to implement element in activities involving customers and employees. However, the popularity of this phenomenon has a certain disadvantage. For when everyone is looking for opportunities to meet social needs, and every product, website or application encourages users to invite their friends, it creates a certain dissonance, which may even discourage them from using the services. 💁 That’s why it’s worth focusing not only on implementing this corner, but it’s better to think about it so that the product can really create a satisfying and, as far as possible, unique experience.

 “Social Influence & Relatedness” is very popular and therefore well researched, tested. Many companies nowadays place great emphasis on online social strategies. If used properly, it can become a powerful tool to motivate people in the long term to connect in the community and build engagement. 💓 This feature is used by Aribo to bring people together in fun, stimulating their emotions and building a lasting commitment through interesting entertainment using modern technology.

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